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Basia Tran

Basia Tran

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Basia Tran is always an illustrator, often a designer, and sometimes an animator. Born and raised in Cracow, Poland, brought up in a Vietnamese household, she is currently based in Queens, New York after completing her studies at Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida. Consistently inconsistent, partially thanks to her upbringing, with a deep passion for variety and diversity in the world she pursues that in her life and work, hoping to beautifully share the truths she sees even if sometimes sad or bittersweet. Not always consistently inconsistent, the constants she treasures deeply are her dear family, her dear friends, and the constant urge to make jokes and understand more of the world, as long as chemistry, biology, and physics are not involved. In her free time she successfully makes playlists inspired by her favorite movies, and dances a little less successfully to them. View Full Bio

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Feb 11 2018