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Alberto Pieruz

Alberto Pieruz

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Pieruz studied Fine Art at Salamanca University specializing in painting, graphic design and audiovisuals. He studied one year in Saint-Etienne, France. He spent two years working in his art studio in Salamanca. He had some of his individual and collective exhibitions there. At that time, he made his doctorate in illustration in Salamanca. He also has exhibited his work in cities like Gijón, Oviedo, Barcelona, and Madrid. A scholarship gave him the opportunity to move to Barcelona. Seeking to combine different ways of artistic expression, Pieruz decided to take up illustration studies at the EINA, Centro Universitario de Diseño y Arte, de Barcelona. There he found more expressive and graphic forms of communication. Now, Pieruz works as an illustrator in his studio. He talks about himself in the third person.View Full Bio

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